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 Structures 4 …

Structures 4 by Atelier Olschinsky 

Another set of illustration work by an artist who successfully adopts an abstract realism approach. In this collection, familiar urban motifs become recursive fractal compositions with a surreal structural effect.



Tom Fruit – Water tower

Tom Fruit – Water tower


Building Craft

I suppose this blog has been started as an experiment really, to see explore architecture and textiles interrelate. Sure there are obvious overlaps – I’m thinking curtains, and soft furnishes – but After a few days in we’re already finding some inspiring things that are already getting us think about how conventional ideas about textiles can be scaled up, and how what normally think about buildings can be scaled down. We hope to be involved in a lot of pioneering things in 2012 with regards to design and research, and we look forward to talking about them along with the treasures we find on-line along the way. Thanks for visiting we look forward to sharing with you – Architextile

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Ball – Nogues

Exciting work from an outfit in LA producing spectacular installations, their work incorporates innovative uses of materials. The intricacy of their work blurs the distinction between architecture and art, to create beautiful and sensual spaces.

What I find particularly interesting about the images shown is the demonstration of such light elements to transform the feeling of a space. The interplay between the elegance of the threads and the banality of the rooms creates a sense of activity that is brought to life by the image of  millions of multi-coloured three-dimensional pathways traced throughout the air.

To read about more of their work go to –

Feathered Edge

feathered edge: an installation by ball-nogues studio
MOCA pacific design center, los angeles
july 26 – november 15, 2009

echoes converge

ball nogues studio’s installation ‘echoes converge’, was centered around temporary structures
and environments as an opportunity to explore and construct effects which are normally permitted by
architectural encounters. working outside traditional architectural constraints, they installed a canopy
of colored catenary strings, exploring how new materials and fabrication process can perform.
committed to the building process from concept through to fabrication, ball-nogues studio looks
to make less of a distinction between the two. their experimental structures are their way
of reintroducing materiality and use back into design discourse.

images courtesy of  –

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Listening to KCRW’s most recent Design & Architecture podcast –
I heard about this innovative use of materials and craftsmanship to realise highly complex patterns and forms. Knitting on building scale – why not!



By Oyler Wu Collaborative

Screenplay by Oyler Wu Collaborative will be on view from 6/22 to 6/24 at Dwell on Design 2012 at LA Convention Center.

Screenplay is conceived of as a ‘play’ on one’s visual perception.  This twenty-one foot long screen wall is constructed of forty-five thousand linear feet of rope strung through a series of lightweight steel frames.  The wall is designed with the intention of provoking a sense of curiosity by slowly revealing its form and complexity through physical and visual engagement with the work.  The wall is made from a repetitious steel framework with rope infill that varies over the length of the wall in three dimensions, forming a thickened undulating screen made up of dense line-work.   In its orthographic, or ‘straight on’ view, the wall forms a meticulously organized series of patterns easily recognized by the viewer.  As the viewer moves around the wall…

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